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Talvi my Passion tome 2

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In this Talvi-Ma Passion Volume 2, Talvi and her rider are now inseparable and pursue with joy and happiness their common learning, during beautiful hikes through the French scrubland. But we must also learn how to manage the wounds for both, as well as the old age of Talvi and this, until the very painful moment of the final separation.


The Auteur had the chance to live a very special relationship with a love of horse and retraces, by this book Talvi- Ma-Passion (volume 1 and Volume 2), the road traveled for more than 20 years.

In this 2nd Volume of Talvi-Ma-Passion their common learning is infinite...

What a joy to be able with your horse in all freedom in this marvelous region that is the scrubbland Gardoise in the south of France ! and to be able to cross its villages !

Talvi and her rider age peacefully together. But now, you have to learn how to handle the needs of the older horse and it's a new world that needs to be explored.

Then comes the moment so dreaded, so painful  but still inevitable or the horse will fall asleep forever. This book Talvi-Ma -Passion describes in detail each of the stages undergones because no one prepare the rider at this painful moment.

French Language Book.

Talvi my Passion - Edition the scriptures of the sun

192 pages.